Moving blog!!


I am back and I’m good..!! I’m very sorry for this long absence but I have good news. I changed domain and soon I will upgrade to a premium version..but let’s not think too forward!! For now, if you like my contents please follow me in my new blog Caffeine and The Happy Things, here !

Hope to see you all there!!

Lots of love!!

On the what if-s


There are a lot of “what if” moments in everybody’s life. Some are big,fat,important ones, but I don’t feel ready to talk about them, specially in english lol

But there are a bounch of them that we face almost on a daily basis and sometimes they give us more trouble than the big ones.

There is the positive kind…like when you’re a kind an you experiment that glorious moment before opening your chips, thinking “what if this one contains the surprise that will finish my collection?” 

To keep it on the grown up side, how many of you wait your other half thinking “what if he asks me out?” while you’re diligently putting another layer of lipstick just because.

Or when we start a new book, and think “Oh, what if this one contains the inspiration that I was waiting for? “

We all love those..they keep us dreaming and feed our creativity, keep it up in the sky.

THEN. There are the bad ones…the pre-period, bad day, vicious questions that grow bigger and bigger in our minds in the worst moments possible.

In this list, the most tipical : “what if I’m f*cking everything up?” and “what if I’m being ridiculous and nobody will ever tell me unless we met 30 years later to a marriage and they’re drunk??” (maybe this last one is just me uhu?)

Both kinds, I think, are instinct, part fantasy,and both have various levels of danger. Mostly raise too much your expectations and bring you down. 

What I was just thinking is that this is all normal. It’s normal to sometimes overly-hope (and who decides if it’s really overly anyway) and it’s just healthy to release all of the fear sometimes, and panic inside our head so we don’t explode in some other place. Right? 

This is that kind of thing that doesn’t have an end but it was in my mind and I thought I share..what do you guys think? :)

Weekly finds- bests of the week <3

I’m going to try andd change the weekly finds thing a bit and include some more things…let me know how you prefer it :)

–  Anya from Peppermint Pencil is on a sugar rehab..oh we all need that a little bit, other than those super-women who are exercising for the one and only purpose of eating more ;)

– For those, and for all of you who’ve got a sweet tooth, A Beautiful Mess has a post with a brief view of their best desserts…oh do I love that blog!! Can’t decide if they’re more beautiful or talented!!

– Who What Wear reveals the secrets of NECKLACE LAYERING! Wearing more than one necklace is definitely a thing now, so it’s worth to master the art!!

– aaaaanndd..I’m trying out the ThinTea 14 days detox!! stay tuned..if I can resist to those awesome dessert up there it will probably work..bjt I’ll let ya know ;)

The perfect hand cream with the cutest packaging for super duper special girls!!

Hi guys

I finished my exams yesterday and I’m so very sleepy&out of reality now! For example, I’ve been feeling all day like it’s monday lol

Anyway, now I can dedicate time to prepare for the trip!! I think I almost have the right outfit and will show you my beauty essentials next week. For now, I’m just going to show you the packaging and tell you something about the fantastic Yes!Nurse hand cream,which I’ll sure bring on the plane!!

I bought it on BeautyBay for just $9.40 and it’s saving my hands!! .

“Yes! Nurse was co-founded by a young paediatric nurse who had been signed off work with dry, cracked and sore hands. Having noticed that many of her colleagues were suffering the same way, she begun developing a product that could help. Thus the Yes! Nurse hand cream was born!”

Perfect for hard working hands, very hydrating (which is perfect for long plane trips) and packed with Wheat germ, Sweet Almond, Pomegranate and Passion Flower Seed Oils to provide a lipid barrier protection whilst the rebalancing formula balances moisture levels for a healthier appearance. I will show you the cream itself in another post, but let me show you thePACKAGING oh my gosh it’s TOO cute!!

I love this things that feels SO cared for and original <3 !!




What are you never without products? Gime me advices! ^.^

Rethink Homeless Campaign

Just check this vid out.


Check this out and take a few minutes to think about it.

And next time you see a homeless person, think about it again. Can you do anything to help them out? Have you understimated them just because they’re homeless?

This video is so touching!! :)

Also you can find the campaign’s FB page here and the Huffington Post’s article here

Shoes, shoes everywhere! even on walls.. <3


I know falling in love for shoes is not a new thing for us, ladies. But did you get till the point that yu want to hang pictures of them in your house?? I did, and I think you will too. Just wait.

Shanda Ferguson is a beautiful, talented lady who illustrates fashion items and other subjects, and she sells those for such great prices in her Etsy shop IllustrationsbyShan .

I am now completely broken but don’t touch my flats illustration ya guys because I want to buy it soon as I get back ;) Other than that, go crazy! bright colors, beautiful picture, SHOES! What else do I need to say?

She’s also on Twitter, Instagram,Facebook if you crave more! :)

What will I bring to America?

Did you ever take a 11 hour flight?’s 2 hours, than 22 hours stop in London and then 9 more hours to Chicago..’s a long flight after which I will see my boyfriend who I haven’t seen for two years!!

Now you start to see the struggle don’t you? What to bring, what to wear so I don’t arrive looking like a crazy cat lady without cats? (lol that’s is kinda sad, isn’t it?).

So I am now in the process of finding out all of those things, as it’s the very first time I fly for this long and for such an important purpose.

I need to find out:

1) What to wear. So I can arrive in Chicago looking like a cool-even-if-stinky girlfriend!!

2)Which products can I use not to be as much stinky and also to help my skin staying hydrated and glowy.

3) how am I not bursting in tears right in the airport and wait till home so I can jump on him like a crazy person but this is not something you learn, really..

4)What to put in my luggage so I take the small one. It’s just that I don’t want to carry the hell out of my wordrobe for London and then all the way from Chicago to the village where our house is. But well..I’m still a woman and I have my necessities ^.^


Advices? Any frequent traveler here? :)

ps: all of my savings are now changed into dollars. It’s the first time I see real dollars and they’re looking like fake money! :D Also, when the lady gave them to me in the bank I was like “helloo Mr.President” and almost laughed on her face..but well that’s just ordinary me ..